The Legendary Starfy: Starfy's Great Adventure is a 2.5d style platformer developed by Tose and Published by Nintendo.


It is a calm and quiet day at Pufftop Palace. Starfy was getting ready to have a nap, when a glowing portal appears, and out steps a blue star. She introduces herself, as Moonfy. She tells starfy of an impending disaster that will befall Pufftop and the entire planet of Pop Star! Starfy is now in a race against time, to save his homeland from certain destruction!

Stages Edit

There are nine stages in this game, with four levels per stage, except for the final stage which is one single, boss battle.

Stage 1: Soda Bay

A quiet, serene coastal bay.

Stage 2: Flame Springs

A nice, and relaxingly warm system of hotsprings

Stage 3: Jelly Jungle

A dense forest of palm trees, fraught with danger!

Stage 4: Taffy Trench

A deep, and dark abyss.

Stage 5: Scary Shipwreck

An old abandoned shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

Stage 6: Hectic Halberd

The shipwreck was not actually wrecked! Find your way through this massive Battleship!

Stage 7: Cloudy Cape

An ocean in the skies!

Stage 8: Pufftop Palace

A return to a Pufftop Palace turned towards the darkness!

Stage 9: The Final Battle!

Fight to the finish in an epic duel that will decide the fate of the Galaxy!

Bosses Edit

Along Your Adventure, you'll come across foes old and new. Defeat them to advance to the next stage!

  1. Konk
  2. Hot Spring Snapper
  3. Whispy Woods
  4. Sir Octon
  5. Muga
  6. Metaknight
  7. Shadow Huffinfluff
  8. Konk EX
  9. Dark Matter Swordsman
  10. Real Dark Matter (If all Rainbow Drops Obtained)

Rainbow Drops Edit

In each stage, barring the final stage, is hidden a rainbow drop. Collect them all to fight the secret final boss.

KDL2 Rainbow Drop sprite 3