The Legendary Starfy: Rainbow Rescue is a Platforming game Developed by the Teams behind the 2 DS Starfy games and co-developed by the team that worked on Kirby: Canvas Curse and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.

The Game is published by TOSE and Hal Labs.

Music By Morihito Iwamoto and Shogo Sakai.

Satomi Kōrogi Reprises her role as Starfy's Voice Actress.


There is Major Trouble in Pufftop! An evil Witch by the name of Drawcia has re-appeared!

This time, she saps the Pufftop Palace of it's colors, leaving the castle and, it's inhabitants grey and dreary.

Starfy was thankfully out in the nearby Sea of Sky and avoided the color drain!

When our Star Shaped hero returns, he see's Drawcia fly from the castle!

Mama Star, Upon realizing that Starfy had not been sapped of his color, quickly requests her son to restore the lost colors!

Starfy agrees!

Now, he has to stop Drawcia, before she can sap more places of their colors!

Bosses Edit

There are 10 bosses, both from the Kirby Series and the Starfy Series.

  1. Konk
  2. Acro the Orca
  3. Fugush
  4. Kracko
  5. King Ping
  6. Paint Roller
  7. Geisachi
  8. Meta Knight
  9. Drawcia (& soul)
  10. Dark Matter (Swordsman and Orb)