This game was developed by TOSE and Hal.

Soundtrack by Morihito Iwamoto and Shogo Sakai.


One day, Starfy and Moe were playing with Kirby in Vegetable Valley, when, a terrible tragedy occurred!

Out of nowhere, the Halberd appears, and shoots lasers all over the valley!

Starfy and Kirby, plus Moe nod to each other, and chase after the Big Battleship!

This game is a sequel to Revenge of Metaknight from "Kirby Super Star."

Levels Edit

This game is short, like the original Revenge of Metaknight.

There are ten stages to play through, all culminating in a final showdown with the final boss!

Can you, stop the Halberd?

Stage 1: Vegetable Valley

A serene valley, ruined by the Battleship Halberd. The stage boss is Whispy Woods.

Stage 2: Bagel Beach

A deserted Beach Kirby and pals must traverse. Konk is the stage boss.

Stage 3: Maize Mountain

A large mountain stretching high over Dreamland! Kracko is the Stage Boss.

Stage 4: Halberd Front Deck

Using a warpstar, Kirby and Starfy reach the Halberd! The Boss is the Combo Cannon!

Stage 5: Halberd Below Deck

Having successfully infiltrated the ship, the player must now navigate a confusing maze of passages. Metaknight? is the boss.

Stage 6: Halberd weapons locker

A large facility full of munitions and weapons. The Boss is Heavy Lobster.

Stage 7: Outside the Halberd

Starfy and Kirby find themselves on the outside of the ship! Perhaps...there is another way in.

The Boss is a mini rush against three mini-bosses.

Stage 8: Halberd Engineering Level

Starfy and Kirby reach the Reactor! The boss is...well...the Reactor!

Stage 9: Meta Unmasked

Starfy and Kirby confront Metaknight, only to see it was really Dark Metaknight! Starfy and Kirby take on the doppelganger in a mighty clash of blades!