Starfy: Legends is a spinoff of the main Starfy Series Starring Papa Star and Old Man Lobber!


It is 19XX. The final year of the Blood War.

Ogura is wreaking havoc across the land.

Two brave men have stepped up to stop him.

Gambrianus Hoshi, Prince of Pufftop and Master Lobber!

For the first time, live the legend, before Starfy was born.

Travel across Pop Star to locations new, and familiar.

Your mission, battle your way to Ogura's stronghold, and seal him away, before he can cause more harm!

This is, Starfy: Legends!

Controls Edit

Papa Star controls much like the spear Copy Ability in recent Kirby games.

Flavor Text:

Papa Star can use his staff, "The Imperial Cross", like a spear!

Swing the staff in 8 directions! Use it to hover in the air for a while!

Master Lobber controls very different.

use his magic cane to cast spells and hit baddies upside the head with it.

Flavor Text:

Master Lobber has joined the fight!

Use magic to toss your foes around! It can be used for melee attacks, too!