Starfy: Legend of the Mystic Horn is a fangame spin-off of the main Starfy Series.


One day, Starfy was exploring the Pitch Dark Caves, when he came across Wozart! He was severely beat up, his clothing in tatters.

Starfy brings the poor lad to Pufftop, where he is nursed back to health. He tells Starfy that a group of bandits called the "Desperados" attacked him, and stole off with his "Tone of Ocean" Sea Horn.

Wozart then tells Starfy of the mystic Powers the Sea Horn contains, and that in the wrong hands, could devastate the planet!

The duo team up to track down the Horn, and save Pop Star!

World List Edit

Each world contains four stages each. Beat each worlds boss to optain a key to the Desperados hideout!

W1: Soda Sea

Boss: Konk