Ogura was the main antagonist of The First Two Legendary Starfy Games and a secondary antagonist in the Third game.


Ogura was an evil genie who once sparked a great war on Pop Star. Only via the combined efforts of Old Man Lobber and King Papa Star, was he defeated and sealed in a jar, which sat in a store room at Pufftop Palace for many years.

Ogura was released 50 years later by Papa Star's Son, Starfy on complete accident.

Ogura Caused much havoc over the land, until he was defeated at Pufftop Palace and re-sealed in the jar.

Ogura, sometime later, spawned 10 children who helped release him from the Jar. He kidnapped Queen Mama Star, Starfy's Mother, and Spirited her away to a castle in the Northern wastes. Starfy battled his way through Dreamland and defeated Ogura yet again, rescuing Mama Star in the process.

Later, an entity called Evil, remotely destroyed the Magic Jar, permanently releasing Ogura!

Starfy, little sister, Starly and Moe chased after Ogura in a race against time, ultimately mortally wounding him at Seascape Castle! But, the battle was far from over!

Evil challanged Starfy and the two exchanged blows in an epic duel on the Castle's tallest tower!

Ogura, realizing he was dying, had a heel-face turn and with his last breath, helped defeat Evil!

Ogura passed on, having repented for his actions, and he was hailed as a hero ever since.

However, 2 years later, during the events of Starfy: Journey of the Cosmos, a mind snapped Konk, resurrected him! Starfy defeated Ogura, who re-vanished from the mortal coil.