Mama Star's Quest is a Spinoff game of the Starfy Series, featuring Queen Mama Star as she goes on a quest to rescue her children from the grasp of an Evil Warlord!

Story Line Edit

One Day at Pufftop Palace, Mama Star was tending to her garden when a Pufftop Guard summoned her to the Royal Audience Chamber.

Upon arriving, she finds a missive laying next to a knocked out Papa Star.

It was a ransom note, meaning that her two children, Starfy and Starly had been kidnapped!

She decides that instead of paying the ransom, she'd go and rescue her kin and defeat the Warlord that made off with them!

Gameplay Edit

Mama Star controls very much like her daughter, Starly.

She can use a spin attack, run and duck, low spin, crawl under small gaps, wall jump, and use power attacks.

Worlds Edit

There are seven worlds, each with four stages per world.

World 1: Salt Spray Sea

A quiet coastal bay.

World 2: Apricot Acres

A forest with lots of trees.

World 3: Moonlit Mansion

A Haunted Mansion.

World 4: Maize Mountain

A tall mountain.

World 5: Rock Slide Ruins

An Ancient Ruin

World 6:Cotton Candy Clouds

A Sea in the Sky

World 7: Castle of the Emperor

The Warlord's Castle.