"Spines Here! Spines There! Spines Everywhere! Extend your spines to pierce your enemies, or let 'er rip with a shell cyclone to send 'em flying! Don't get Dizzy!"

-Konk's Flavor Text-

Maxwell Jasper Konk is a Sky-blue colored Pacific Queen Conch whelk who was born in the Whelk village and now lives in the northern part of the Soda Sea.

Konk is a mysterious one.

He is a drifter, with his only possessions being the shell that he is seen wearing most of the time.

He has a vocal tic, and is slightly quick tempered.

He has a relative, Shelly, who is his half-sister, who works at a lab on Sunfall Island.

Konk and Starfy used to be rivals, but have recently put that aside and struck up a friendship.

Starfy is currently helping Konk research his family ties.

Konk has an astoundingly high amount of control over his spinning shell, which he uses for offensive and defensive purposes.

When he is hiding in his shell or sleeping, he partially buries himself in the silt of the ocean floor, and places a spiny helmet over the shell opening.