"The Mad Queen has revealed herself! It's time for the final fight! Make the effort, Starfy! Amiy depends on you!"

-Form 1 and 2 Flavor Text-

Dejiru is a Serpian, a long serpent like eel creature.

She is a vain and ambitious queen.

However, as vanity did to the late Queen Sectonia, so to did it affect Dejiru, allowing Owlrune to brainwash her and lead her in the temporary takeover of the Amiy Kingdom.

Owlrune was defeated by Starfy and Co., but it was too late. Dejiru was already too powerful! Using the Peace Heart gem, she powered herself up and attacked Starfy! She was, however, defeated, reverting her to a teeny tiny sea krait, and single handedly undoing Owlrune's plot.

Dejiru has since fled back to her homeland.